Homeowners Insurance

Protecting your Home…

When you’ve realized your dream of owning your own home, we’re here to help you bring peace of mind to one of the largest purchases of your life.  Our professional agents will help you select and customize an insurance portfolio that will help you manage your assets and keep your dreams intact.

Homeowners insurance gives significant financial security against unforeseen issues that can harm your home—including fire, lightning strike, wind and hail, vandalism, burglary and more.  Based upon your policy’s scope, your home and key structures—a utility shed or fence, for instance—will be ensured and protected against harm.

When dark clouds roll in and heavy winds bear down, you’re prepared.

Batteries, check. Bottled Water, check. Storm shutters, check. Full tank of gas, check. PROPERTY INSURANCE? CHECK.  You hope you won’t need it, but if your home is damaged, just knowing that help is on the way can make all the difference in the world.

When the wind blows, we remain steady

Over the years, we have faced more than two dozen named storms. We’ve have helped our customers recover from millions in losses. And through it all, our company has grown and strengthened. Thousands of customers count on Smith Insurance Group for their home, condo, renters, rental property and Flood Insurance.  We have trained claim professionals ready to respond in a moment’s notice when catastrophe strikes–ready to help our policy holders recover from losses caused by major storms and every day accidents.

Protecting your Condo…

Condominium Insurance covers your townhouse, condo or community itself. The approach’s basic scope to a great extent ensures the inside of your unit, which incorporates the floor, inside dividers, cabinetry, sinks, tile and whatever other lasting installation inside it. On the off chance that an apartment suite is harmed or totally obliterated by a secured hazard, (for example, a fire), your condominium is protected.

Our agents can help you in selecting a Condominium Unit Owners Policy tailor–made for your protection needs.

Smith Insurance Group – Representing the Best in Insurance.

Protecting What Matters Most…

We offer full Renter’s Insurance, as well as coverage for investment properties and more.

Our Renters Insurance coverage includes:

  • Personal Possessions
  • Temporary Housing Expenses
  • Medical Liability Coverage
  • Personal Liability

Smith Insurance Group – Representing the Best in Insurance.