Flood Insurance

In hurricane-prone Florida, flood insurance is virtually a necessity, regardless of your actual location in or out of designated ‘flood zones’.  By purchasing a flood insurance policy through Smith Insurance, you eliminate the issues often caused by companies trying to prove whether damage was done by wind or flood to validate coverage.


Of course, ideally you won’t need Flood Insurance coverage, but if your home is damaged due to rising water, knowing that you are fully covered and that help is on the way can make all the difference in the world.

Our carriers’ have professionals ready to respond in a moment’s notice should a flood occur. They have helped thousands of our policy holders recover from losses caused by major flood and every day accidents.

Smith Insurance Group will be there when you need us.

Want to learn more?  View the FEMA “Top Ten Facts for Consumers" for the National Flood Insurance Program.  Contact us to learn even more.  Allow a Smith Insurance agent to determine the best coverage for you.  We will ensure that you receive the necessary coverage at the best possible rates.